Reconstruction of Institutional Structure in the Base of Changing State Nature

Reaching Institutional Infrastructure Coordinated with Politic, Economic and Sectoral Targets

Entering Among the First 5 Countries at Humanitarian Development

Entering Among the First 5 Countries at Competition Index

Entering Among the First 5 Countries at Fertilization Index

Development of Capacity among Bourgeois, Intelligentsia and National Agenda

Entering Among the First 5 Countries at Ranking of Soft Power Capacity

Construction of New Institutional Models in the Context of Human and Civilization

Increasing Export Profitability to 7% at First, to 15% Then

Increasing Tourism Profitability to 10% at First, to 20% Then

Increasing Product Range with Middle and High Technology to 40%

Transition of Foreign Trade into a Structure Gives 10% More

Entering Among the First 5 Biggest Exporter Countries at Defense and Space Industry

Giving 7% Resource of GNP to Defense and Space Industry

Producing Nuclear Energy and Technology with Local Technology

Entering Among the First 10 Countries at Financial Development, Reconstruction and Project Banking

Construction of Brand Cities in the Perspective of Civilization and Competition

Providing Balanced Deepening on the Integrations in Eastern, Western, Islamic and Turkic World