It has been targeting to provide serious contributions to the targets of the Project by taking all official/civil institutions and public participation with the activities that will be held in the context of Turkey 2053 project as the basis. Sources which are found in each parameters during the process will be accepted as the router and basis of related studies.

 In Turkey 2053 project that has been targeting to provide contributions to increase strategical planning and production power which have passed from formality to practice, and to develop strategic future vision of Turkey; the basic signs are to start a future vision discussion with the participation of public senior bureaucracy, NGO’s, media, universities and private sector and to encourage institutionalization of their local/sectoral future/strategic vision projects by all kind of institutions in a unity that contributes the targets of the Country.

In the context of Turkey 2053 project; there will be productive cooperation processes with governorates, local managements, NGO’s, all universities, sectors, media and public senior management. While all country is informed about related vision, targets, strategies and policies; there will be serious contributions to gain a new dynamism to all public with the synergy created thanks to adopting by all shareholders that are evaluated by taking their opinions and suggestions. Here will be studies for actualizing the ideals defined under four main titles as “Qualified Person, Strong Society”, “Innovator Production, Steady High Growth”, “Livable Places, Sustainable Environment” and “International Cooperation for Development” that are inside of Tenth Development Plan accepted by Turkish Grand National Assembly.

Turkey 2053 project has been aiming to provide intellectual contributions to actualizing “special application” projects produced intended for prior each sector, disciplines and development of both domestic capacity and cooperation opportunities with other countries of our country to create a common conscious space for sides.

While decision and applications in Main Rapport, which will be prepared in the end of Scientific Workshops that will be held right after the Preparation Meetings and Turkey 2053 Congress, will be following in the next process; on the other hand, different local, sectoral and institutional meetings and activities that are spread all the homeland will be maintained with the same sensitivity. Everyone can follow the Project by reaching its official website as .