To being actualized of the present potential is depended on making middle or long lasted strategic plans in the fields of politics, economy, culture and human resources; and to apply these plans non-stop and decisively. Otherwise, aimlessness rusts the capacities of countries. Daily thoughts and infertile conflicts harm the unity and identity of country; and create problems there with its historical origins. So, countries who has similar qualifications with Turkey can’t get rid of the disarray and also falling into the population sharing battles of global and local powers. So, central countries, who have a historical heritage and geopolitical/cultural interaction in the scale of Turkey, are supposed to follow appropriate policies right after defining the strategies that have the way how to surround and include wisely.  This wisely stance is important not only for the future of central countries but also for local and global peace.

The heritage and historical mission remained from the Memory of Nation and the Mind of State; has pinned down to create a vision, whose targets have already been determined today, for 2053 that is the 600th anniversary of the Conquest of Istanbul - as the same with 2023 that is 100th anniversary of the Republic- and to apply policies by defining the right strategies.

Till 2023, in the forward 8 years and in the following process for 30 years, Turkey should actualize some important advances. To reach the targets that were defined in the fields of foreign policy and in another political, economic, technological and socio-cultural fields can be possible with applying the strategies, which haven’t focused onto the present matters but onto the vision and target by providing a coordination among all the institutions. So, there hasn’t been any reason for Turkey, who will reach the defined targets, to be unsuccessful about becoming a Wise Country that has influence also in the international field with the profile of its power and justice accompanying its strong dynamics.

In the 600th anniversary of the Conquest of Istanbul, as a Global Actor that has dynamic, educated, democratic and respectful young population for the human rights who has high life standards and produces the technology; Turkey will be a conciliatory power on the solution of the local problems and an inspiration that should be taken as a model on the location, which becomes more unstable day by day with its historical and cultural heritage.

The vision and targets that carry Turkey to its ideals in the perspective of Power and Justice with the activities which will be held in the context of the “Turkey 2053” Project ; and the strategies and policies that should be used for reaching these targets will be open to the discussion. The main difference in the approach is the construction of participation process. This process is more important than the papers/rapports that will come out at the end of the project. We give you the best regards and expect that the “Turkey 2053” Project, which has the qualification as a new step of the “the Strategic Vision of Turkey 2023” that has been maintaining for 9 years for the first time in our Country by TASAM, will be beneficent to our state and our nation; and will provide important contributions to the developing model based on human source.


 Süleyman ŞENSOYChairman of TASAM