Even if it doesn’t seem very easy to take place and to protect that as a powerful actor in rapidly developing world; in the 600th anniversary of the Conquest, Turkey will take its place in the stage of world as a total island of “Power and Justice” with a vision of wide perspective both as a wise state because of its own values and in an unstable location because of its geopolitical location. Political stability is necessarily condition at gaining functionality of the strategies that are followed for reaching the targets. To actualize them; it is supposed to reach upper levels of institutionalization in each step of state; and to apply defined policies and laws in detail.

It is a fact that globalization has been affecting all nations. In 2053 Turkey, who is economically strong, won’t only be affected minimum from the negativities brought by globalization, but it will also reach the level of developed economies. So it is necessary to have economy policies whose targets have been defined from now both for having an economical level in the scale of world and reaching a certain prosperity level in the homeland. Institutionalization has been bringing the necessity of qualified person with itself. So, it is inevitable factor to develop strategies that will use potential of human sources of Turkey -especially young population- very well and to construct educational system that will prevent brain migration for development and growth.

Today, it is not enough to use technology for the development. The important point here is to produce technology. The start of the studies in this field in Turkey hasn’t have a long time till now. So, it is supposed to take enough sources in need to r & d activities; to provide coordination among the institutions and to train expertized cadres on this field in the process that contains the next thirty eight years.

There is not any reason for Turkey, who has initiatives on reaching defined targets, to fail in being a strong and respective actor also in international space.