The aim of Turkey 2053 project is to develop suggestions about what kind of vision Turkey should have in the fields of foreign policy, security, politics, economy, technology and socio-culture paralleled to developments in the world at 2053; to create an all-inclusive discussion area about targets that will be defined and policies that will be applied for reaching this vision; and to contribute Turkey about taking its place in the world scene as a respective and efficient country in the perspective of “Power and Justice” in 2053 -in which the 600th anniversary of the conquest of Istanbul will be celebrated-.

Target group of the Project is official institutions, economist environments, research centers, nongovernmental organizations, academicians, experts, students and the other parts who are interested in this subject and all of our public. 

In Turkey 2053 project, paralleled to the aim; prior target is to create a vision by holding a projection to the world in 2053 and the place of Turkey in the world from now, to define targets, to develop strategies and to strengthen the base which will provide the application of policies that will be shaped.

All Turkey will be informed about vision, targets, strategies and policies that will be defined with the activities, which will be held in all places in the context of the Project that will be maintained in an interaction with official institutions and nongovernmental organizations by experts and academicians. And serious contributions will be provided to Turkish public about gaining a new dynamism with the shaped synergy.

There are also main targets such as institutionalization of the initiative from local to general and right after the 2023 shaping of own 2053 vision of each institutions. Also sub-targets can be expressed with these titles: