In this context, an applicable strategy, which can activate simultaneously all present capacity and opportunities in the direction of common expectations for creating a vision that is comprehensible and that demands unity related to the targets that is up to be reached in 2053 -which is the 600th anniversary of the Conquest- by defining the present conditions healthily, is the main reference here.

Even if the factors such as religion, language, history, geography etc. keep on protecting their importance in the point of activating the soft and hard power capacities of Turkey in depth; Turkey should reach to the economy that produces high additional value depend on qualified human resource and then it should take a qualified share from international work sharing for letting them to gain operability. Also the success of process depends on the constructability of multidimensional structures that can create common adherence at all targeted countries and regions appropriate to the privileges of domestic and foreign policies.

While today, the change and transition have been happening with an extraordinary speed; international relations in the present global system have been developing in the base of multidimensional competition. It is highly important for benefiting more efficiently from the new instruments that become efficient recently in national and international platform, to develop the Turkey 2053 project by giving importance to the development of capacity and human resource management; and to activate that with the participation of all shareholders.

The main target of project is to start a discussion of “future vision” that will reflect on application through the country with the participation of institutions and public; to encourage local and institutional initiatives to act; and to contribute into the development of “development model depend on human resource” of the country. The Project is developed by the aim of developing suggestions in the subject of what kind of future vision should be followed by Turkey in the fields of Foreign Policy, Security, Politics, Economy, Technology and Socio-culture paralleled with the developments in the world; creating an all-inclusive discussion ground about politics that will be applied and targets that will be defined to reach that vision; contributing our Country about having a place in the scene of the world as a state of power and central state in 2053. The target group of this Project is to hold economist environments, research centers, nongovernmental organizations, academicians, experts, students and all places which are interested in the subject as much as official institutions.

In short, the Turkey 2053 project has been described as a frame program shaped in the format of multidimensional strategic special education and interaction activities intended for senior public bureaucracy, NGOs and public opinion related to the targets and place in which Turkey is supposed to be in 2053 -which is the 600th anniversary of the Conquest-.

A Wise Persons Board - approximately formed by 10 people- that has international standards as the roof top with the Project Science Board, in which almost 40 experts and academicians from different specializations and disciplines will come together for the studies that will be maintained in the fields which are appropriately defined to the aim, will be held. A Management Equip for the planning and coordination processes of the Project; and an Organization Equip for the promotion and application processes of the Project will be held.

The experience of the present Strategic Vision of Turkey 2023 (TSV 2023) Project will enlighten the process. In the context of “Turkey 2053” project as a new step of TSV 2023 project, there will be non-stop studies in three main title by always being updated and the main difference in here will be the follows on quality targets instead of quantity targets.

 In this context;

MACRO FRAME; Project has been constructed on 7 main theme as “New State Nature”, “International Relations”, “International Security”, “Domestic Politics”, “Economy”, “Education, Science and Technology” and “Culture” in the macro base at first.

STRATEGIC LOCOMOTIVE SECTORS; There will be studies on privileged strategic locomotive sector that can carry Turkey to the macro forecasts following to the macro frame. Sectoral studies that will strategically contribute to the institutionalization and deepening practically of our entrepreneur soul on about producing macro forecasts as country will be maintained with all related authorities as the development of participant process.


Sectors have been forecasted under the titles of;

“Agriculture, Food and Livestock”

“Security, Defense and Defense Industry”

“Social Policies and Civil Society”

“Vocational Education, Industry and High Technology”

“Finance, Banking and Development”

“Energy and Nuclear Technology”

“Innovation at Public Management and Humanitarian Development”

“Tourism, Environment and Urbanization”

“Automotive, Logistic, Transportation”

“Health and Social Security”


DEVELOPMENT OF VALUES; Finally, “Development of Values” studies have been planned with the main title of Development of Civilization Turkey Vision “Reference Values, Institutions and Persons” in the Project. Strategic contributions to the new civilization perspective for the future of the world and Turkey have been forecasted by being put historical basements and self-characteristics of the civilization savings centered Turkey. By acting after the pre-acceptance about the fact that prosperity and power without the Development of Values will bring degeneration; up-to-date comments of development of civilization of the Country and the institutional representation talent of these comments of the Country have been accepted as the main focus point.

The strategic contributions for development of a living space, where people all around the world can say “I Want To Live In Turkey”, is the main reference of the studies that will be maintained in this field as a prior country at humanitarian development whose public management, companies, cities, social and cultural patterns have been branded in the base of power and justice with non-stop innovation produced by strong critical opinion dynamics.