Scientific Targets

• To develop suggestions for Turkey to catch this development and to be prepared on the infrastructure that can actualize technological production of Turkey by taking attention at the point that rapidly developed technology will reach in 2053

 • To have expansion about how technology production will be increased and how it is possible to make Turkey a preferred country in this field

 • To help to define technological initiatives that should be made in the direction of developing Turkish Defense and Space Industry, depending on new security mentalities

 • To offer ideas in the direction of what Turkey should make as a country who uses its own resources efficiently for reducing adherence to different places by evaluating the energy potential in the world in 2053

 • To develop suggestions about what kind of precautions should be taken in the context of international responsibilities for reducing the danger of used technologies into environment at minimum

 • To define necessities in the direction of spreading information technologies by developing them in Turkey

 • To define what should be done for informing public about the fields such as nanotechnology, biotechnology and genetic technologies; and for creating qualified cadres for working on these fields.