Political Targets

• To define how political values of world states (democracy, superiority of law, human rights etc.) will develop in 2053; to find qualifications of Turkey which are from its historical and cultural depth; to announce them to the world; and to create a discussion area about how it can contribute with the values whose leadership to the world system has been its own

• To develop suggestions about developments in the structure of Turkish state paralleled to these values and the feasibility of these developments in 2053

• To provide contributions to take steps for reaching the targets about reflection of owned values to the political area and to produce policies that will lead differences to live together in the light of these values

• To contribute on providing coordination among the institutions about defining the precautions that should be taken for bringing the developments in the field of international relations, economy and socio-culture etc. into political stability system

• To have system discussions that can generate answers to the question of “is it possible for presidency and semi-presidency regimes except parliamentary regime for Turkey to be applied”

• To develop suggestions about necessities that should be had in the case of increasing activities in the construction of political party, election system, legislative and judicial powers