International Targets


  • To define 2053 vision, aim and targets of Foreign Policy of Turkey with a wise state approach by evaluating the conjuncture in 2053; to develop suggestions for gradual dates in the case of foreign policy that should be applied to reach these targets


  • To analyze subjects as changes of state nature in the world and future of nation-states


  • To evaluate the international relations in 2053 for Turkey to be a “global actor, local power”; to contribute to determine policies that should be applied with the precautions that should be taken


  • To define contributions intended for shaping peace and stability in the region and developing Turkey


  • To develop policies in the direction of what kind of contribution can be provided by Turkey for creating a dialogue and tolerance among the civilizations with its historical and cultural depth by the aim of preventing “Civilizations Conflict”


  • To define suggestions about the privileges, present foreign policy initiatives of Turkey and political basis that should be applied for actualizing these initiatives efficiently; to search answers to the questions; “how can we develop symmetric and asymmetric relations in this case” and “how can synergy be created”


  • To define strategies about how national power factors can be mobilized for foreign and domestic targets and to produce policies


  • To develop suggestions in the cases of precautions that should be taken, sharing the water resources, the changes in the environment and ecological balance; to contribute on defining necessary policies